Last year I ran into a small group of folks who were embarking on a really exciting journey to build a voice social networking app called Speakezee. The pitch for the app was very simple and crisp — a place where you can publish short voice stories that expire after…

The internet is saturated with posts, articles and books about wanting vs doing, and we all absolutely agree that only doing gets you results. But understanding a fact vs understanding the mechanics behind that fact are two very different things. …

User Experience Within

If Companies Employ Top UX Talent, Why Do We Struggle With Their Products Every Single Day?

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Never Take Anything Personally. Even When It Is.

A Short Playbook That Will Solve Over Half of Your Emotional Intelligence Problems.

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Folks, in this episode Sarbjeet and I took a very deep dive into the history, the current state and the future of the Artificial Intelligence market. We focused on the company called C3.AI ($AI) that has been picking up steam for the last few years. They were founded in 2009…

I’m Vitalik Demin. I’m a Product Manager. I help companies build elegant, cost effective and easy to use software products while maximizing their business value. 💪

Back in 2020, I joined the Speakezee team and together we built an absolutely awesome voice social networking app. You can download the app…

Today Sarbjeet Johal and I went deep into Appian ($APPN) — a low code automation platform that is becoming more popular by the day. We discussed the history of the process automation industry, its current state and how Appian is different from the companies that have been trying to own this space for a very long time. We also talked about whether Appian might be a good investment opportunity at this time (this is not financial advice).

Listen to our conversation and do any additional research of your own before deciding to invest.

Thank you so much for tuning it! 🙏

Listen to this episode:

Folks, I’m super excited to finally drop this post! Sarbjeet Johal and I finally recorded the pilot episode of our new Fat Protocols podcast!

In this podcast we will be covering various platforms that have already become protocols and those that may get there in the future. We hope that…

Thank you for taking the time to read these lines. Since this ebook is very short and succinct, I’ll get straight to the point. Interpersonal communication is at the core of everything we do. The way we communicate impacts our reputation, our career prospects, our personal relationships and basically everything…

Folks, I am super pumped to bring to you our conversation with Jeffrey Boadi, one of the coolest people in the plant based world. Jeffrey and I decided to hop on a video call to get to know each other, exchange some plant based knowledge and talk about healthy diet and lifestyle in general.

Jeffrey has built a good followership on Twitter at @JeffreyBoadi_ and he’s getting more popular by the day, which is great! He also has a website blog at where I read a few interesting articles.

Without further ado, please tune in and I hope you enjoy our plant based talk!

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Folks, if you love technology and the cloud trends, you’re gonna love this conversation we had with Sarbjeet Johal!

Sarbjeet has worked for companies like Visa, VMWare, PeopleSoft, Rackspace, Oracle and others and he accumulated an enormous amount of first hand experience and knowledge about the cloud industry.

We intentionally…

Vitalik Demin

Product Manager, iBooks Featured Author.

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