I’m Vitalik Demin. I’m a Product Manager. I help companies build elegant, cost effective and easy to use software products while maximizing their business value. 💪

I am originally from Siberia, Russia where at one point I was making $100–150 a month. 🤑

I currently live in Minneapolis MN. That money from Siberia surely helped with the plane ticket. ✈️

I have two master’s degrees (MA Linguistics and MBA) but I don’t feel that masterful just yet. 👶

I wrote a few ebooks that you can find here. Felt really great to have one of them featured by Apple iBooks as a book of the day (that was a long time ago though 😂).

I love reading business and self-development books. Here are my all time favorite reads. 📚

I made a few video ads (to help a friend) that I’m really proud of. They will probably not qualify for a Super Bowl but, you know, that’s cool. 🙃

I have a podcast called Fat Protocols where Sarbjeet Johal and I discuss software applications that are either in the process of becoming a major platform or have a chance of becoming one. 🎙

This is my LinkedIn page where I occasionally complain to their CEO about bad UX design. 😉

A few years ago I switched to a 100% plant based diet and I have never felt better in my entire life. 🥦

I also gave up alcohol and caffeine and I am now a lot more relaxed and woke than ever. Go figure. 🤣

I like to hang out on Twitter once in a while. We can connect there 🐦

My favorite airline in the US is Southwest and I’m a holder of their Rapid Rewards card. I highly recommend it to all my friends because it beats any other airline’s card in terms of value that you’re getting (imho). If you decide to get it for yourself, feel free to use my referral link. I’ll be very grateful! ✈️

And last but not least — I love baking my own bread! 🥖

The best way to connect with me is via api@vitalik.co. ✉️

Product Manager, iBooks Featured Author.