Episode #7 — Going down the rabbit hole of product design and organizational roles with Joe Natoli

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This episode is very special with a very special guest. Joe Natoli shares insights from his many years of UX consulting experience. We also discuss a rather important topic of product ownership inside product development organizations. Turns out “Product Owner” is a very important role and we talk about it in detail. This episode should be very insightful for folks like me who for a long time have been searching for the right career track within product design but were afraid to end up going in a wrong direction due to the fear of the world we live in where everything is labeled.

Hope you guys enjoy this episode. I had a blast and I learned a ton from this conversation. Would love to hear your feedback!

You can find everything about Joe at GiveGoodUX.com. He’s also on Twitter @JoeNatoli.

Thank you so much for tuning in!

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