Episode #9 — UX designer from Bloomberg on how to make Agile better for design, product role evolution, keeping things simple, Microsoft’s design advantage and more.

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In this episode I have a very special guest, Pavel Samsonov, a UX designer from Bloomberg LP. Our conversation is focused on challenges that product design and development organizations face these days. Pavel expresses his view on how Agile may be improved to better accommodate design processes. We discuss very interesting things like “respecting the skills” of long time users, decision making ownership and more. Pavel also shared his point of view on how Microsoft’s efforts in product design in the last few years have set them up for success in the future. I personally learned a lot from Pavel’s experience and the way he frames his thoughts. I’ll surely be listening to this episode myself at least a couple of times to make sure these learnings fully sink in.

You can find more information about Pavel at www.PavelSamsonov.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @PavelASamsonov. People and articles mentioned in the episode by Pavel can be found in this Twitter thread.

Thank you so much for tuning in and I really hope you enjoyed our conversation! We would love to hear your feedback!

PS I apologize for a not so smooth fade out ending of the episode. I pushed the “Stop recording” button 1 second too early and this fade out was the best I could do to make it sound less weird. I’m still polishing my podcasting skills but I’ll get better soon, I promise :)

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