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If Companies Employ Top UX Talent, Why Do We Struggle With Their Products Every Single Day?

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This book will not give you another UX methodology. I have very little respect for them. These methodologies lock your brain into various frameworks that eventually prevent you from following simplicity. Most of the products we use today fail to get us excited. They are clunky and unintuitive and yet their makers — corporations with billions of dollars in the bank — take pride in them.

Our world has become too analytical, too structured and too biased. Product designers get married to their creations so much that they fail to look at them from a standpoint of customers who were not there when the products were built and therefore may not know how they work. Also, organizations these days have so much internal barriers that many people with great UX ideas are never able to implement them.

Another thing about me — I’m not a graphic designer. I focus on the product use logic and information architecture. I design step by step scenarios of using products ensuring that every single element of it makes sense to the user.
Last thing — I don’t write long books. I always try to be short and concise and I prefer not to take a lot of my readers’ time. Instead, I do my best to provide all the necessary fundamentals with specific examples and let the readers form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions.

In this book I will share my own thoughts that in some cases go deep into human psychology. I will also cover what I learned about the corporate world and how hard it is to make your vision a reality. After reading this, you should be able to relate to very simple concepts about what really goes into great user experience and how simple it is, yet so hard, to achieve.

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Create A Start

Three Real Life Examples of How Starting Something Always Leads to Something More

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There is so much motivational content out there — speakers, coaches, books, videos, podcasts, etc. All that is designed for us to consume and get inspired and eventually (as well as hopefully) produce something. In reality, only a handful of those motivators are able to get their message through while most of the others simply recite somebody else’s work. There is one unique person that I can quickly use as an example here — Gary Vaynerchuk. He, in my opinion, has had more success than any other motivational speaker or a life/business coach in terms of pushing people to actually do things instead of just sitting and consuming all this content to only continue dreaming. I myself is one of those people who allowed his message to get through which made me produce real tangible things both in my career and personal life.

But as effective as people like Gary and a few others can be, it may still be helpful for some folks to be able to visualize how exactly a chain of events can unfold when you make the first step towards something. My life doesn’t fall short of being one of the most non-standard stories and as I look back and analyze how certain things happened to me, I can trace most of them back to very specific actions that in most cases I had to force myself to take the first step.

In this book, I will walk you through three examples of some of my journeys that I believe would have not happened if I didn’t create certain starting points and if I wasn’t persistent enough to reach fruition.

I am by no means representing myself as a successful entrepreneur or a corporate manager. I am a regular person who has a regular job (for now) and who lives a very regular life. But to get to this life I still had to invest a lot of time and effort. I still remember making $200 a month in Siberia back in Russia about 12 years ago. I had to work extremely hard and try all sorts of things to get myself out of there.

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Subconscious Decisions

Hidden Side of Decision Making

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Every now and then we stop and think for a moment why we are where we are. Sometimes it is because something great is happening in our lives but most of the times such thought processes occur when we are in a not so good situation that we wish never happened.

When people look back to understand what has led them to the present circumstances, more often than not, they are trying to find a reason caused by something or somebody else. This book will attempt to show that in 99% of the cases, people are where they are because of the decisions they have made. Very rarely it is the other way around. By decisions made I do not only mean the things people decided to do or not do to but also the things they “unknowingly” allowed to occur or not to occur.

When we make or do not make something happen, it is a decision. One can argue that this may not necessarily be labeled as such but no matter how you put it — every single time in your life you do or do not do something and whether you think about it or not, you make a decision. And by making this decision, you “accept” a certain number of circumstances that will or can potentially come up in the future because of this decision. The tricky part here is that in most cases such thoughts do not even go through people’s minds and that is exactly what this book will try to convey.

This book was featured on the official @iBooks Twitter page as a book of the day:
“Vitalik Demin’s book identifies subconscious pitfalls that distract decision-making” (6/29/2014)

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