Tinken — Stories About A Little Boy Who Liked To Tinker With Things And Learn

Hi. My name is Vitalik Demin. I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and I am in software development. I also have a good amount of entrepreneurial experience.

I have a 4 year old boy and I am working very hard to make sure he grows up with the right mindset. I want him to have a solid mental foundation to be creative, to become resilient to the negatives of this world and also build a successful career of his choice.

I came up with the Tinken character (from “tinker”) and wrote these short stories (hopefully more to come) because I’m trying to accomplish the following for my kid:

1. I’d love for him to truly believe that tinkering with various things all the time is a great way to learn about what works and what doesn’t.

2. He needs to understand that when something doesn’t work, it is not a failure (what a negative word, right?) but actually is a great opportunity to learn HOW to make it work next time. Every time something doesn’t work, it’s a valuable opportunity to become smarter and learn to avoid (or be better prepared for) bigger and less desirable setbacks.

3. Through the Tinken stories I’d like to convey the importance of three fundamentals that are critical for the future success of any kid with any career: 1) reading, 2) writing, 3) calculating (in the future stories). Kids need to naturally love doing these things instead of feeling like they have to because teachers and parents said so.

The reason I decided to publish these stories is the fact that my kid absolutely loved them. He asked me to tell them again and again, and now he refers to Tinken in many different situations that just puts a very big smile on my face. So, I figured — let’s share it with all of you!

I made this book free so you guys can take a look, decide if you want to read it to your kids and see how they like it.

I would love your feedback too! You can leave a review for this book at the ebook store of your choice so it could help other readers learn more about it. You can ping me on Twitter as well @VitalikGDemin. I’ll be super happy to hear from you!

I would also like to express my enormous gratitude to Oksana Ivanova, my dear friend, who volunteered to sketch beautiful illustrations for these stories. They are absolutely magnificent! Oksana is a UX designer, product manager, illustrator (obviously), and many more. She’s very talented and I’m very lucky to have her drawings in this book. You can find Oksana on Twitter @OksanaIvanovaPM.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Tinken! :)

This book can be downloaded for free on Apple Books, Google Play and as PDF.

Product Manager, iBooks Featured Author.

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