I help companies build the most elegant, cost effective and easy to use software products.

Note: I’m not a graphics designer and I’m not a coder.

Over the last several years I built several enterprise and consumer applications in various industries. While most of my projects were enterprise apps that cannot be shared publicly by definition, this example below is from my most recent 10 month project for a consumer crypto wallet.

Case Study

A blockchain and cryptocurrency startup Horizen (formerly ZenCash) hired a third party vendor to build a flagship wallet with a modern design — Sphere by Horizen — to allow their investors, node operators and coin holders to securely store and conveniently transact Zen cryptocurrency. The first UI build had multiple opportunities for improvement. I was hired to help drive the user experience and information architecture redesign of the wallet as well as help manage a few other core software projects (main chain, node software, sidechain apps, etc.).

I partnered with Horizen UX team and the vendor and led the redesign effort end to end. I designed multiple screens and flows to make sure the vendor had no room for error while implementing the new UI features and navigation flows. I also led the UAT effort and made sure all defects were properly prioritized and fixed. The wallet had three versions — Windows, MacOS and Linux. All three platforms had to be tested for bugs and UI consistency.

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Sphere was also the first crypto wallet in the industry to feature support for both — light and full mode versions. The full mode version is required for shielded transactions and private messaging on the Zen blockchain (zero knowledge proof technology). This functionality added several layers of complexity in terms of UI implementation and the overall user experience. Every single step of user activity had to be designed from scratch and tested.

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